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Motion Works is an artistic proposal in Virtual Reality. The medium allows for perceptions that no human being could ever have experienced before. We can now talk to the mind and tell it stories in a new language. This is an opportunity to comprehend the world and develop intelligence beyond our actual existence. Motion Works embraces this challenge by applying abstract thinking and conceptual art to Virtual Reality.

Inspired by scientific representations of physical phenomena invisible to human perception, and building upon the work on light and space of artists such as James Turrell and Olafur Eliasson, Motion Works is a series of VR pieces intended for museum exhibition and private collection. Each episode features an interpretation of objects and events that are either too large or discrete for us to perceive. Supernovae, quantum bits, spacetime relativity but also cell reproduction or synaptic stimuli are staged and directed so that the audience lives and feels the phenomenon rather than understand it intellectually.

Rooted in a synaesthetic research approach, Motion Works aims at developing a new language both for human intelligence and for Virtual Reality itself. By abstracting perceptions lo a level never reached before, Motion Works offers to live up to the evolution that VR promises.