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Your support is appreciated

Motion Works is a VR label: we want to create demanding, compelling and enriching works of art in Virtual Reality. We have many projects and this is only the beginning of a long story. This is what you can do to join the adventure:


You can support us with a one-time donation. You don’t need an account for that, it is really simple and you make sure most of your donation goes directly for the development of Motion Works. We accept help of any scale: we are building the future here and intention is what matters.


You can become a regular donor. This is a simple process that allows people to pledge 1$, 2$, 5$ (or more!) every month to an artist. Many creators are now earning a living and making art through that system. This is a bit like becoming the Medici of our time. You like the Medici right? Then become one now.


Like our work? That much? Want to tell us? Want to work with us? Want to order us something? Invest in us? Collaborate? Think of partnerships? Advertising? Then write us an email and you can be sure it will go straight into our hearts.

We want to thank you for your time, attention and support.